Two and a Half


Barrett at two and half...

loves his "happy" (pacifier).

says tons of animals now, our favorite being "Gunt," which is his word for bird.

is still crazy nice to Tilly Kate and loves to share with her - we can't believe it either.

holds our hands when we are out on walks without his stroller.

can not get enough of cranes, trucks, and wheels.

wishes he could always wake up with mommy in his bed.

stopped eating bananas. major eye roll.

loves rough housing with Daddy before bed. 

jumps on us endlessly when watching movies.

favorite movie is Cars, or Mater as he calls it.

eats pancakes, cereal, and peanut butter crackers on repeattttt.

is always barefoot and mostly pantless when we are home.

is our ideal toddler.