When we got off the train at Harajuku I saw people taking photos of the station. When I turned around, I was shocked at how cute it was. Its crazy to me how much goes unnoticed when I get too focused on the destination. There's probably a life lesson in that somewhere...


We are working on Barrett's listening skills. We decided he could get out of the stroller and walk along the path to the shrine we wanted to see. So here he is, listening to me saying, "Lag behind, don't keep up, and play with the small stones the whole way." Obviously.

I'll have to do more research into what the artwork behind me symbolizes. It was particularly pretty though.

There's a large park in Harajuku called Yoyogi Koen. This little house was right near the entrance to it. I have no idea if someone lives there currently, or if it is an information booth. It looked so out of place in Tokyo. Like a little world lost in time and set apart in a big city.

We stopped and had snack in the park. This baby was breaking my heart just by being his cute self.

Bubbles were a big hit! But, the wind kept blowing them right in my face haha.

I wouldn't change a thing about his jungle-boy hair or his dirty little fingernails from playing in the dirt. As Brendan says, he is our dream toddler. 

And my angel baby girl. I can't get enough of her rolly thighs or her squishy cheeks.

Tilly girl loves being baby worn! She only came out of the Tula to nurse and lay out at the park. She would prefer to take all of her naps in the carrier. I'm just hoping it stops her from being as early of a mover as Barrett was. Mama can only keep up with one running baby in Tokyo at a time.