Just Call Us Treat Hunters


Right around the corner from our apartment building is Azabu Juban, a road famous for its shopping and yummy treats. It attracts a lot of travelers, but not necessarily tourists. Think high up business people, not rednecks with fanny packs. The locals shop this road too. 

I often end up taking the kids on an afternoon walk down Azabu Juban and we love to try the treats! There is such amazing variety here -- something I was not anticipating! I'm so grateful for how patient the shop owners and workers are with me. No one ever seems to mind that I can only say "hi," "good afternoon / morning," and "thank you." 

Barrett has gotten very good at recognizing baked goods since we've been here. Chocolate ones are his favorite of course! In this picture, he is telling me he wants to eat using his made up sign, which is a cross between eat and more haha. Love my curly-haired, treat eater!


He matched the decor, so I had to. 

Love the subway tile, natural stained wood, and pendant lighting. The three treats we got here were so supremely delicious that we forgot to get a picture. Means we'll have to go back. Shucks.