Go Go Ginza

Lately whenever I talk to my mom and tell her about our adventures here, she just shakes her head and says with a smile, "You guys are having too much fun." And, other than a really sharp decrease in Barrett's sleep since we got here, she's totally right. The babies and I have a good time during the week checking out bakeries and parks, but Saturdays, if the weather is good, we are out and about in the city, having too much fun.

I know it seems like I'm taking a risk by walking down the middle of the road, but in Ginza's shopping district they block of the roads on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to encourage tourists and locals to spend that money. All of a sudden, when the cars were gone, it felt so surreal. Here you are in a city of millions and people are strolling around in the quiet street. It went from being this bustling, hot city street to a small town feel with families sitting in the middle of the road enjoying the shade and a snack.

In a five story toy store of Barrett's dreams, we stumbled upon this magic. Baby boy played and played and I got to feel like a really good mom. Win, win.


Yes, that food was as good as it looks. Except the side of spaghetti. That was just kind of odd to me, but the Japanese love Italian food. Go figure?

Bren's food was a bit more traditional. I love that so many meals here come topped with a fried egg. Its delicious.


Prior to moving here, I was really nervous about how much food would cost. You always hear about big cities being terribly expensive, but that price of 140 yen is just a little over a dollar USD. I'll pay that all day for delicious, hot waffles. 

Barrett drives us a little bonkers because in true toddler fashion, he won't eat anything he hasn't seen before. Unless it has chocolate in or on it. Then down it goes. Oh well, more waffles for us!

A blog post wouldn't be complete without this darling girly girl. We are attached at the middle and sometimes I can't believe she will ever outgrow this stage. It all goes so fast and slow, this raising babies thing.