Let's go Tokyo

We've been in Japan just over a week and a half, so I thought it was time to make a place to (over) share our time here. We are so excited to be spending the next six months eating our way through this gorgeous city!

All of our luggage. It seems like a lot, because it is. But we both only brought four pairs of shoes and one pair of jeans. You try to pack your whole life up and you'll realize just how much stuff you have haha. Paring back our clothes and other things felt really good though and now we only have the things we love. 

It was so amazing and unexpected that my mom was able to see us off at the gate as she had her own red eye to catch from SFO to HSV. She's the best. 


The flight out here was just as bad as could be. We selected a flight that was through the night, hoping against hope that the kids would sleep. Well, one did. Baby Tilly barely made peep the whole flight. Barrett though, whew. Let's just say an airplane bathroom deadens the noise of a toddler's screams to a degree, but fellow passengers still hate you haha.

Apple has set us up so well here. We are living in a great two-bedroom apartment in one of the nicest areas of Tokyo. We didn't even have a two-bedroom back in San Jose, so I feel like this is just one giant upgrade.

It took us a good week to feel adjusted to the time change and we've stopped going to bed before 8p and are sleeping until about 7a now. Hallelujah!