Two Year Old Takes Tokyo

People keep asking me if it is hard to make the transition to city life with a new baby. To them I say, Have you ever had a toddler?  Or better yet, have you met Barrett? Haha. To be fair, he has had a lot of brave and astoundingly grown up moments, but he is two, so there have also been a lot of hard ones. 

The best way to avoid or solve a Barrett style meltdown is to get moving, ideally in the direct direction of a park. Being able to run completely unrestrained is his greatest love and taking him to the park may be exhausting, but I do it most days because it makes his little eyes light up in a way that just melts my mama heart to a puddle. 

The second best way into his heart? Ice Cream. M&M's will also work in a pinch ;)

While there are a lot of adult type things we may miss out on while we are here (shopping, nice dinners, nights out), I wouldn't trade my time watching Barrett learn and explore our new city for anything. Being his mom is my hardest, favorite thing.