More Cheese, Please!

After a busy first full week here, we wanted a weekend that was a teeny bit adventurous, but still low key. A long walk through Aoyama Cemetery was just what we needed. Barrett seemed to really enjoy the quiet after all the bustle and bright lights of the city, so we'll definitely be back. 

If you follow me on the SnapChat (@meghankingsford) then you'll know that we traded our ginormico stroller for a lightweight, ultra slick one last week. We are so happy we bit the bullet because Japan is made for the tinier things in life. On the other side of the cemetery we found SHAKE SHACK Tokyo. I have wanted to try Shake Shack for so long and the hamburgers made for ultimate comfort food. And I already want to go back. More cheese fries and Shake Shack sauce please! 


Tilly girl is just starting to reach for her toys, and by the look on her face when I hold her and won't be long until she is snatching food right out of our hands. Until then, we are just loving her sweet baby self and longish stretches of sleep at night. Good food + family makes for the best kind of weekend in my book.