Take a Stroll, Eat Ice Cream: A Memoir

Life lately has been exhausting. Barrett went through this terrible phase where he was waking up around 3a and staying awake for several hours before going back to sleep. We aren't sure what was causing his sleep disruption, but it seems to have gotten better. He is still sleeping many less hours than he was before we moved, but it is a survivable amount for now. This decrease in sleep across the board, coupled with common four month sleep regression, really put us through the ringer the last few weeks. Still wanting to do something fun this weekend even without tons of sleep, we decided to walk to Ebisu. The fresh air ended up being just what we needed. Funny how often that is the case. I love this walk because there are so many little shops and their store fronts are each unique. 

You know in Parks & Rec when Ron says, "Bring me ALL the bacon and eggs you have." ?? That is exactly how I felt in this store. It was like a mix of Ikea, Anthropologie, and Crate + Barrel, but with this fabulous Japanese flair. 

One of the hardest things about living here is that we have so little of our own stuff. The apartment we are in is fully furnished, which is great, but...I would never chose any of it to fill my house with normally. I'm dying to make a place feel like ours again soon. These little potted plants would make the cutest addition to our next home. I wish I could bring them back to the States with us!

In the middle of the store there were snacks, in case you get hungry, which, of course, we did. Nom.

Baby girl couldn't make it through the store without a little snack, too. Aren't her little crossed ankles just the dreamiest? 

Where there's a mirror, there's a selfie. Also, big shoutout to Japan for having just the absolute nicest mom + baby rooms. It makes nursing in public six trillion billion times better.

More treats? Seriously, Meghan? Seriously, y'all know I have the willpower of a ... I don't actually know how to finish that. I HAVE NONE. NONE WILLPOWER.