The Great Kamakura

Two weeks or so ago we took a big adventure with our friends, Speen (mission companions with Brendan), Maria Hackett and their adorable little girl Rory! We had been wanting to take a trip to the ocean for a few weekends, but our plans kept getting rained out. 

Instead of getting rained on, we may have accidentally chosen the hottest day of July to spend outside touristing. ^^ Sweating our faces and booties off. 

Viewing the Hase-dera temple required walking up several flights of stairs, most Buddhist temples do. I knew we were in for some serious sweating because in addition to the stair-climbing we had to get Barrett out of his stroller (yikes!).

Here he is trying to swim in the ponds surrounding the temple. 

Here is a photo of his water splash on the (probably sacred) feet statue. 

Here are the thankfully intact flowers thanks to some fast Dad hands! 

Overall, he tried to be good. But good to a toddler means general havoc and so much running. 

Back in the stroller, thank goodness! Don't we just keep getting hotter? Word play intended. This is the Great Buddha. It has been around since 1200 A.D! At first we thought it was a recreation, but it seriously is that old. Insane to think about how they made it.


Finally! We made it to the beach! Which turned out to be just not as relaxing with a toddler and two babies. LOL. Duh. Grandparents are needed to take kids to the beach. We shoulda known. 

He sure is the prettiest, most rambunctious toddler I've ever seen though. And we love him dearly.