GUYS. Are you ready for just so very many photos of the happiest place on earth? We spent just one day at Tokyo Disney Sea for our fifth anniversary. It was AMAZING. In case you're wondering, there is also a Disneyland Tokyo, but we wanted to check out the park unique to Japan first. We plan to go back to Disneyland in a couple of months. The photo above is at Ariel's castle at Mermaid's Lagoon. You walk underneath it and enter into this underwater-looking land. It's darkened and filled with the most incredible scenery. It also has this great playground, splash pad, and rides similar to the one's in A Bug's Land in California Adventure. Of course, Barrett is too impatient to actually stand in any lines for rides, but he loved the play area. I mean, it had a ropes course. He's easily won over.

I've wanted to go back to Disney since the moment we left in January. So when we made it to the park, I basically made this face for the rest of the day. 

As with most times I leave the apartment, I immediately felt wildly underdressed. I really didn't believe that American fashion was so casual until we moved here. Kimonos and traditional dress are worn mostly for special occasions. And apparently, Disney counts! I would say half of the women were in Kimonos, which looked just spectacular, so classy! The Japanese continually put me and my sweaty, baby-wearing self to shame.

Example of sweating our faces off! ^^ Japan is so hot. 

Tilly Kate was such a sweet potato girl. She loves being baby worn, so nine hours of it at Disney was her dream come true. She makes the sweetest milky smiles too, doesn't she?

And Barrett! He is such fun to take on adventures (usually). After he woke up from his stroller nap, he ate the whole bunch of bananas I had brought for us all to eat. Hahaha.

There's my cute boy with his giant, water-filled diaper that we just barely got to in time before it...exploded? Is that what too full diapers do? It seemed dire whatever was coming. 

This is the ride I would love to take Barrett on. Doesn't it look amazing?! The fast passes are gone super fast though and like I said, Barrett and lines don't mix.


Very purposefully I had us in coordinating red, white, and blue for an early Fourth of July celebration. If we could have just gotten a good picture of the four of us together, you'd see my plan better!

Hubba Hubba Bubba.

Just like so much of Japan, Tokyo Disney Sea was pristine and completely gorgeous. Keep it up Japan and you won't be able to get rid of me ;).