Rinshi-No-Mori Park

A few weeks back, I saw a picture of my friend from Church at this amazing looking park with her three boys. I knew I definitely wanted to check it out, so when the next Saturday rolled around and it was blazing hot, we hopped a couple of trains and ended up here (with a whole LOT of other families).

The park has a man made creek that runs through it with a few smaller water falls for little ones and a big waterfall at the head of it for big kids! 

Tilly Kate even gave the water a try...she was much less impressed than baby Barrett.

Climbing up the slippery rocks was a big draw for Barrett, even though no other kids were doing it hahah. He will be him, 100% of the time. 

Of course, Daddy took pity on Tilly and kept her toes dry and away from the cold water Momma had put her in.

This is not our truck. Barrett stalked the little boy forever that it belonged to and the second he got bored of it and gave it to his dad, Bear was right there not-so-gently tugging it out of the dad's hands.

He sure did love it though. Always, thankful for sharing parents and kids!

Maybe my favorite shot of the day...in between cry-screams, pantslessly clutching his goldfish on the way back to eki (train station).  Also, his little stressed, crossed toes make us giggle.