Okay. I seriously can't stop making that face when we go to Disney. It felt good this time to up our matching t-shirt game. When we spontaneously went to Disneyland Anaheim in January and when we went to Disney Tokyo Sea last month we were coordinating t-shirt-less! A crime, I tell ya!


To be honest, the castle didn't feel quite as grand as Cinderella's American castles, but not too shabby just the same. ;)

Barrett feeling a wee bit underwhelmed with the castle photos. #geezmom


Another hot day in Tokyo + babywearing, calls for lots of cold treats. 

This boy, getting so big, makes my momma heart all mushy.

Ice cream over strawberrries and cream shaved ice is reason enough to keep going to Disney. OH. My. Gosh. So. Good.

A different kind of treat for Tilly. She seemed to prefer it over the ice cream. Go figure. 

Disney parades give me life.

Oh man where do I start with this photo. I love it so much it breaks my heart. I grew up with a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, so when Barrett started saying "Pooh!" in the gift store, it was pretty much over. I tried to offer him smaller ones because geez, not cheap Disney store stuffed animals. But, no go! The boy knows what he likes. And, I have to say he made a good choice because Pooh sure came in handy when someone got a little sleepy on the train home.

So smooshy, so cute. And bear bear is pretty adorable too. ;)