Our Best KOKO


WE WERE SO HAPPY TO HAVE KENDALL COME STAY WITH US LAST WEEK. She was such a trooper through crying babies and jet lag and we had just the best time! 

She's seriously my best girl and it was beyond nice having someone with me who didn't know what we were doing either haha.

Koko didn't get time with Barrett while he was a baby as she was serving an LDS Mission, so seeing her with baby Tilly (who just LOVED her Aunt Koko) was seriously cute.

The FIVE of us! Kendall spent a lot of time with Bren and I when we were all living in Utah and we've missed it like crazy. Being all together now is a little bit different with these babies, but still just the best.

Bear Bear looks huge here! I think Kendall's heart was mush when he said her name at the end of her week with us. Whose heart wouldn't be though? Love this boy.


So basic.

We were battling the rainy season while Kendall was here, so we couldn't stay super long in Harajuku. Based on how sweaty we got (see pic below), you'd think we'd stayed for hours, so it was probably okay we weren't. Just imagine how cute we would've been if we had ;)

Love you KOKO! Thank you for traveling to see us and making our summer that much better.